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Class 5 Social Science DRC – The Region of Dense Forests Que and Ans

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DRC – The Region of Dense Forests Class 5 Que & Ans


DRC – The Region of Dense Forests Class 5 Que and Ans | Grade 5 Social Science | democratic republic of congo quiz , for CBSE / ICSE student.


What is DRC & where it is located? 

Equatorial region refers to the area above and below the Equator. It has a humid and hot climate. DRC is located in Africa. DRC is the second largest country in Africa.


How is the climate of DRC?

DRC’s climate remains hot, humid and wet throughout the year. There is no winter season.In the DRC, the hot, humid climate and heavy rainfall encourage the growth of rainforests. These forests have very tall trees whose branches form a dense canopy.


Why DRC is called the Natural Zoo of the World?

Many different species of animals and birds live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is known as the Natural Zoo of the World.


What are the important occupations of DRC?

In the DRC, agriculture and mining are the two most important occupations. Most people live in villages. They practice shifting agriculture.


What is the mineral health of DRC?

Mineral resources are abundant in the country. It is the world’s leading producer of industrial diamonds. Aside from gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, coal, and uranium are also found here.


What is the water resource of DRC?

There is an abundance of water in the DRC. The River Zaire is its main source of water. It is the second largest river in Africa after the Nile.


Explain the people of DRC?

DRC is a thinly populated country. The majority of its citizens live in rural areas. Its native language is Bantu. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bantu is the local language and French is the official language.


Define Pygmies?

Pygmies are nomads. Their livelihood is hunting and fishing. Their hunting skills are excellent.


Which river basins fall in the equatorial region? 

Zaire river basin and Amazon river basin lie in equatorial regions.


Name five countries that border the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Five neighboring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Sudan, and Angola.


What is the climate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Throughout the year, the climate in the DRC remains hot and humid. The average annual temperature is 32﮿C. There is no winter season,this happens because the sun falls vertically or directly over the Zaire basin. It is warm and sunny in the mornings in the DRC. The nights are cool and pleasant. It is extremely hot and humid in the afternoons. The formation of clouds is caused by the evaporation of water from lakes and rivers. This results in heavy rain almost every day. 


Why is water transport important for the people of the DRC? 

Only main cities and industrial centers are connected by roads and railways. The river Zaire is also known as the Highway of Central Africa due to its importance in water transportation.




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