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Earth Alive Class 5 Chapter 4 Earth Environment

Earth Alive Class 5 Chapter 4 Earth Environment


if you are looking for Class 5 Earth Alive Chapter 4 Earth Environment solutions then you are at the right place. Here we are providing solutions as well as additional QA / Important Notes.


Q- Choose the correct answer.


The Earth is made up of………….(3/4/5) spheres.

Correct answer: 4


The lithosphere is called the ………..(core/crust/mantle).

Correct answer: crust


The biosphere extends up to ………. (20/40/22) km from top to bottom.

Correct answer: 20


Water vapour forms small water droplets to………. (evaporation/condensation/perceptible).

Correct answer: condensation



Q-Tick () the odd one out in the following group of words.


troposphere, exosphere, stratosphere, lithosphere, mesosphere

Odd one out: lithosphere


mantle, inner core, outer core, crust, lithosphere, biosphere

Odd one out: biosphere


Q- Write whether the statements are true or false.


The atmosphere is completely made up of carbon dioxide.



The core of Earth is very hot.



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