Growing Plants Class 5 Questions and Answers

Growing Plants Class 5 Questions and Answers

Growing Plants Class 5-Science

Growing plants class 5 , includes MCQ ,Questions and answers of chapter for kids to learn.

Multiple choice Questions

Q – Plants can grow from

  • Seeds
  • Roots
  • Stems
  • All of These

Ans-  All of These

Q –  What does a seed need for germination?

  •  Water
  •  Air
  •  Warmth
  •  All of these

Ans- All of these

Q – During the early stages of germination, the seedling gets food from the

  • Cotyledons
  • Soil
  • Seed coat
  • Seed force

Ans- Cotyledons

Q – New plants arrived from the leaf buds of

  • Rose leaves
  • Onion
  • Bryophyllum
  • Potato

Ans- Bryophyllum

Q – Which of the following is a rabi crop?

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Papaya

Ans- Wheat

Fill in the blanks

Q – The process by which a seed produces a seedling ………..

Ans- germination


Q – The method of seed dispersal in the pea plant ………

Ans- explosion


Q – The practice of growing plants on a large scale ………..

Ans- agriculture


Short Answer Type Questions

Write two examples for each of the following

Q – Seeds that can be dispersed by water

Ans-Lotus and Coconut

Q – Seeds that can be dispersed by explosion

Ans-Peas and Beans

Q – Plants that can be grown from their roots

Ans-Carrot, Turnip

Q – Plants that can be grown from their stems

Ans-Potato and Rose

Q – Kharif crops

Ans-Rice, Maize

Q – Define Germination ?

Ans-The process by which a seed produces a new plant or seedling is called germination a young plant is also called sapling.

Q – What are the three things for a seed to germinate?

Ans- Air water and warmth are the three things which is required for a seed to germinate

Q – What are the other parts of plants than the seed by which a new plant can grow?

Ans-Other than seeds plants can also grow from roots stems and leaves

Q – Define step farming 

Ans-In mountainous regions people grow crops by cutting steps on mountains is called step farming.

Q – Write down some importance of plants

Ans-Earth is home to different plants; human depends on plants for many things

  • We get food from the plants in the form of grains pulses oil fruits vegetables.
  • Plants also helpful in purifying air by giving out oxygen and using carbon dioxide with the help of photosynthesis
  • Plants are also helpful in preventing soil erosion

Q – What is seed coat

Ans-The seed is covered by a thin covering called seed coat it protects the seed and there is a small hole in the seed coat through which the seed gets food and water.

Q – What are the things that are required for germination of seed?

Ans-The seed germinate only when the conditions are right such as

  • Light air and water
  • Soil rich in nutrients

Q – What are the stages of germination?

Ans-The stages of germinations are

  • Seats get solar up in the presence of air water and earth
  • Seed coat breaks and baby plant out
  • Baby plant develop root and shoot system of plant
  • Shoot system then developed leaves which is helpful in making food for the plant
  • Later the seedling grows into a new plant

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