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GSEB Class 10 English A Short Monsoon Diary

Learn GSEB Class 10 English A Short Monsoon Diary Which includes Textbook exercises as well as important points from the chapter.


Read the lesson carefully. Choose the correct option and rewrite the complete sentence

The author could hear Bijju

  • (a) chopping the sticks
  • (b) crying in the forests
  • (c) running about on the hillside
  • (d) singing songs loudly

Answer – (c) running about on the hillside


A paradise might have been’ is the description of

  • (a) hill station and landscapes
  • (b) hill station and valley
  • (c) landscapes and forests
  • (d) valley and landscapes

Answer – (b) hill station and valley


The leopard had to flee at the approach of

  • (a) a barking dog
  • (b) Bijju’s mother
  • (c) the continuous rains
  • (d) the leeches

Answer – (b) Bijju’s mother


Grandmother advised the children not to kill chuchundars as they

  • (a) are cute
  • (b) are harmless
  • (c) bring ill-luck
  • (d) bring money

Answer – (d) bring money


The trees turning grey gives the diarist a feeling of

  • (a) attractiveness
  • (b) dreariness
  • (c) loneliness
  • (d) loveliness

Answer – (c) loneliness

Answer the following questions.

Why is the writer not able to see Bijju?

The writer is not able to see Bijju because of the monsoon mist, which blankets the hills and conceals visibility.


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