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GSEB Class 10 English The man who found the Titanic

Learn GSEB Class 10 English The man who found the Titanic Which includes Textbook exercises as well as important points from the chapter.


Read the lesson carefully.


Choose the correct option and rewrite the complete sentence.


Ballard became interested in ……… a child.

  • (a) new discoveries
  • (b) nuclear submarines
  • (c) ocean exploration
  • (d) U.S. Navy


The emotions of the crew changed as they realised that……….

  • (a) the expedition had ended
  • (b) the expedition had failed
  • (c) their mission was successful
  • (d) they were on a gravesite


According to Ballard,……….is damaging the ship.

  • (a) human exploration
  • (b) human interference
  • (c) the shark
  • (d) the submarine in the region


………were developed to refurbish the ship.

  • (a) Special chemicals
  • (b) Submarines
  • (c) Supertankers
  • (d) Underwater robots


The most important discovery of Ballard is the one………

  • (a) he first made
  • (b) he is about to make
  • (c) he just made
  • (d) no one else can make


Answer the following questions.


Q- Which personal factors support the secret expedition?

The personal factors that support the secret expedition include Robert Ballard’s lifelong dream of finding the Titanic, his expertise in ocean exploration and technology development (due to his work with the Navy and NOAA), and his determination to make significant discoveries despite obstacles.


Q- “The Navy just wanted our expedition to deflect’. Elaborate.

“The Navy just wanted our expedition to deflect” suggests that while Ballard’s primary goal was to find the Titanic, the Navy had ulterior motives. They used the cover of searching for the Titanic to conceal their true mission, which was locating the lost nuclear submarines USS Scorpion and USS Thresher. This diversion allowed them to keep their objectives secret due to the sensitive nature of Cold War-era military operations.

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