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GSEB Class 10 English Unit 3 Too Dear

Learn GSEB Class 10 English Unit 3 Too Dear Which includes Textbook exercises as well as important points from the chapter.


Read the lesson carefully.

Choose the correct option and rewrite the complete sentence.


The King of Monaco had monopoly of ……….business.

(a) gambling

(b) polls

(c) tobacco

(d) wine


A ……….was committed in the toy king’s domain.

(a) kidnapping

(b) murder

(c) robbery

(d) suicide


The soldiers refused to execute the man’s head as

(a) they did not know how to

(b) they had no resources

(c) they were paid less

(d) they were scared


The man showed no sign of

(a) being a criminal

(b) repentance

(c) running away

(d) sincerity

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