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GSEB Class 8 Social Science Chapter 5 Education and Social System During the British rule Notes

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GSEB Class 8 Education and Social System During the British rule Notes


Find the correct option from the following options and write the answer:


(1) You have to prepare a list of that it is followers which of the following will you not include

  1. Poornima Behan pakwasa
  2. Jugatram Dave
  3. Durgaram Mehta
  4. Thakkar Bapa


(2) Which of the following days would be included in Indian education before the arrival of the British

  1. Subject wise textbooks
  2. Oral education
  3. Trained teachers
  4. Separate classrooms for each standard


(3) What is the reason behind the decline of old education institutions in India

  1. Priority in job to those who were proficient in English
  2. Increase in employment opportunities by the British
  3. Development of agriculture
  4. Legislation against girls’ education


Match the following


Alexander Duff  Establishment of University for Women
 Dayanand Saraswati  Improvement Campaign Through Somprakash Magazine
 DK Karve  Age of Consent Act for Marriage
 Keshav Chandra Sen Establishment of Banaras Sanskrit College
 Jonathan Dunkan  Establishment of Anglo Vedic College at Lahore
Establishment Of Western Educational Institutions


[1] Write the answers of the following questions in one sentence.


(Q1) Which law was suggested by Gopal Krishna Gokhale to the British government?

The British government was suggested to pass a law making primary education compulsory by Gopal Krishna Gokhale in 1912.

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