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GSEB Class 8 English Chapter 4 At the Theatre

GSEB Class 8 English Chapter 4 At the Theatre


Activity 5 – Match the Column

Column A Column B
Plot Interest or Give Pleasure
Seeks Events in The Story of Play
Merit Interest
Amuse to Try to Find, Get or Achieve
Foretold Stupid
Infer Told Beforehand
Halfwit Reach and Opinion from Facts
Foul A Composition in Music Drama Sculpture Etc.
Piece Manner less
Assistance The Sun or Daughter of a Brother or Sister
Mute Help
Niece Speechless


Activity 6 – Answer the following questions


What kind of play do you think was the poet watching at the theatre?
The poet was watching suspense or mystery thriller at the theatre.


How did the poet know that the lady had seen the play earlier?
The lady was telling her niece what was going to happen next in the play and from her words the poet felt that the lady had seen the play before.


Why did the poet get annoyed? Give reasons.
The poet became upset because the lady and her niece were talking loudly about what was going to happen next in the play.


The poet told the lady two things plainly. Write them in your words
The poet plainly told the lady two things:
He asked her not to discuss the plot of the play loudly with her neighbor before it unfolded. This was because it was a suspense drama.
The poet also asked the lady not to breathe on his neck, as she had moved uncomfortably close to him.


Activity 7 – Select appropriate alternative for each of the following

I ever saw it till today means…………..
I haven’t seen it so far.

But the surprise now must be small means……….
The suspense of the play is rather lost.

Don’t breathe upon my neck so much means…..
Don’t keep so close to me.

Activity 8

  • A Piece of Cake
  • A Piece of Art
  • A Piece of Mind
  • A Piece of Evidence
  • A Piece of Fabric
  • A Piece of Wisdom

Additional Que Ans from the Chapter

Q1: What is the main theme of the poem?

A1: The main theme of the poem is the portrayal of bad manners and the disruption they cause to others in a public setting, specifically during a suspenseful drama.


Q2: How does the lady sitting behind the poet disrupt his experience at the drama?

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