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GSEB Class 9 Social Science Chapter 16 Climate

GSEB Class 9 Social Science Chapter 16 Climate Textbook Question Answers as well as Additional Question and Answers.


4. Select the correct option for the following questions and write its serial number in the given against them :

(1) When the sunrays are vertical over the Tropic of Cancer which season
is experienced in India?
(A) Cold season (B) Hot season
(C) Rainy season (D) Retreating monsoon


(2) Which place near Cherrapunji is famous for heavy rains?
(A) Shillong (B) Guwahati (C) Imphal (D) Mawsynram


(3) Which Himalayan phenomena affects more in creating cold wave over Gujarat
and Rajasthan in winter ?
(A) Snowfall (B) Sandstorm (C) Rainfall (D) Landslide


(4) By which name are some showers in May along Malabar coast known as ?
(A) Anarvarsha (B) Bananavarsha (C) Amravarsha (D) Snowfall


(5) Which is the season of Retreating Monsoon in India ?
(A) March May (B) October November (C) January February (D) July – August


(6) Which of the following statements is true ?
(A) Days are longer and nights are shorter in winter.
(B) Days are shorter and nights are shorter in summer.
(C) Days are shorter and nights are longer in winter.
(D) Days are shorter and nights are longer in summer.


1. Answer the following questions


(1) Himalaya is a natural wall which protects India’. How ?
The Himalayas act as a natural barrier against cold winds from the north, shielding India from their impact.


(2) Explain the ‘Trade Winds’.
Trade Winds are steady winds blowing from the subtropical high-pressure belts toward the equator, affected by the Earth’s rotation.


(3) Into how many parts has the Indian Meteorological Department divided the seasons of India? Which are they?
The Indian Meteorological Department has divided India’s seasons into four parts: Cold Weather season (Winter), Hot Weather season (Summer), Advancing Monsoon (Rainy season), and Retreating Monsoon season.

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