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Important Days in February

Important Days in February 2024


Indian Coast Guard Day 2024 – 1st February

On Indian Coast Guard Day 2024, which falls on February 1st, we salute the Indian Coast Guard for their hard work in keeping our seas safe. They do an important job protecting our coasts and helping people in trouble at sea.

World Wetlands Day 2024 – 2nd February

World Wetlands Day is celebrated to recognize the importance of wetlands in supporting wildlife, cleaning water, and preventing floods. It’s a day to appreciate and raise awareness about these vital ecosystems.


RA Awareness Day 2024 – 2nd February

RA Awareness Day is celebrated to raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic autoimmune disease affecting joints. The day aims to educate people, reduce stigma, and promote understanding of the challenges faced by those living with rheumatoid arthritis.

World Cancer Day 2024 – 4th February

World Cancer Day is celebrated to raise awareness about cancer, promote prevention, early detection, and encourage support for those affected. It’s a global initiative to unite efforts in the fight against cancer and emphasize the importance of collective action.


National Day of Sri Lanka 2024 – 4th February

The National Day of Sri Lanka is celebrated to commemorate the country gaining independence from British rule on February 4, 1948.

International Day of Zero Tolerance 2024 – 6th February

International Day of Zero Tolerance is observed to raise awareness about female genital mutilation (FGM) and promote efforts to eliminate this harmful practice globally.


Safer Internet Day 2024 – 8th February

Safer Internet Day is celebrated to promote safe and responsible use of the internet, especially among children and young people. It aims to raise awareness about online security, encourage positive online behavior, and foster a safer digital environment for everyone.


National Deworming Day 2024 -10th February

National Deworming Day is a special day when kids across the country are given medicine to prevent and treat worm infections. It helps keep children healthy, ensuring they can grow and learn without the risk of worms affecting their well-being.


World Pulses Day 2024 – 10th February

World Pulses Day celebrates the goodness of pulses like lentils, chickpeas, and beans. These superfoods are not only tasty but also packed with nutrients, promoting health and sustainable agriculture worldwide. Let’s enjoy pulses for a healthier planet!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024 – 11th February

International Day of Women and Girls in Science honors and encourages women and girls to pursue careers in science. It’s a day to celebrate their achievements, break gender stereotypes, and inspire more females to contribute to the exciting world of science, making it diverse and inclusive.


Darwin Day 2024 – 12th February

Darwin Day celebrates Charles Darwin’s contributions to the theory of evolution. It’s a day to appreciate the wonders of science and nature, encouraging curiosity and understanding about the diversity of life on Earth.


National Productivity Day 2024 – 12th February

National Productivity Day emphasizes the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in our work. It’s a day to recognize and promote practices that enhance productivity across various sectors, contributing to overall economic growth and well-being.


Abraham Lincoln’s Birth Anniversary 2024 – 12th February

Abraham Lincoln’s birth anniversary is a significant date in American history, celebrated on February 12th each year. It’s always inspiring to reflect on the life and legacy of such a great leader.


International Epilepsy Day 2024 – 12th February

It’s a very important day to raise awareness and support for people living with epilepsy, as well as to reduce the stigma that often surrounds the condition.


World Radio Day 2024 -13th February

February 13th is World Radio Day, a day to celebrate the power and importance of radio as a medium for communication, education, and entertainment.


Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary 2024 – 13th February

February 13th is Sarojini Naidu’s birth anniversary, also celebrated as National Women’s Day in India! Sarojini Naidu was a poet and political activist, and was a major figure in India’s struggle for independence.

It’s an important day to celebrate her legacy and the contributions of women to society.


Saint Valentine’s Day 2024 – 14th February

February 14th is Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day!

It’s a day to celebrate love and affection, typically by exchanging gifts, cards, or spending quality time with loved ones.


Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day 2024 – 20th February

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day, also known as Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day, is celebrated on the 20th of February every year. It marks the anniversary of the formation of Arunachal Pradesh as a state in India.

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