India through my Eyes after 10 years

India through my eyes after 10 years


I visualize a prosperous India well after 10 years. We expect the people below the poverty line to come to near zero and literacy must be nearly a hundred percent.

I visualize the Indian education level going to the advanced levels with high-tech universities in all the cities. Everyone will have a good university degree.

I visualize that the problems of corruption, poverty, and backwardness are removed from the face of my country.

I visualize all the major cities of my country turning into the most advanced smart cities in the world where pollution levels will be zero.

I visualize that India will work on energy creation through renewable resources and provide a continuous power supply.

I visualize India as the most advanced medical sciences and defense ministry country.

I expect my country to provide weapons that could neutralize any nuclear missile fired toward us.

I visualize the Indian economy as the most established and developed economy in the world.

I visualize transportation will be easier because there will be no traffic jams, no time wasted in waiting for public transport, driverless cars will become popular and drones will deliver packages.

Finally, here is a short list of improvements that I expect after 10 years in India:

  • Sanitation and garbage removal
  • Roadworks improvements
  • Energy generation and delivery
  • Improve inner-city public transportation
  • Reduce and regulate traffic
  • Clean tap water
  • Improve public health facilities for all
  • Provide early education for all children
  • India, I wish you all the very best.
Updated: 20 Jul 2022 — 7:17 pm

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