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By Savita S. More

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Chapter 15 Fun with Magnets

The material to which objects made from iron, nickel,cobalt, etc. get attracted is called a ‘magnet’. This property of a material is called ‘magnetism’.


What is induced magnetism?

A magnetic material acquires magnetism when placed near a magnet. This magnetism is called induced magnetism.


How is magnetism destroyed ?

Magnetism gets destroyed when a magnet is heated, thrown, knocked about or broken into pieces.


Define Magnet keeper.

In order to protect a magnet, a piece of soft iron is usually placed in the box in which a magnet is placed. Such a piece of iron is known as a magnet keeper since it protects the magnet.


Fill in the blanks:

A magnet always settles in the north-south direction

Permanent magnets are made from a mixture of nickel, cobalt and iron.

The properties of electromagnetism and repulsion between magnets are used in a maglev train.


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