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Maharashtra Board Class 8 Man Made Materials MCQ

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers on Maharashtra Board Class 8 Man Made Materials mcq


What is the primary characteristic of plastics that distinguishes them from natural materials?

  1. A) Rigidity
  2. B) Plasticity
  3. C) Transparency
  4. D) Conductivity

    Answer: B) Plasticity


Which type of plastic can be molded into different shapes upon heating and retains its original form upon cooling?

  1. A) Thermoplastic
  2. B) Thermosetting plastic
  3. C) Polyethylene
  4. D) Polyvinyl chloride

    Answer: A) Thermoplastic


Which property makes plastic a bad conductor of heat and electricity?

  1. A) Transparency
  2. B) Plasticity
  3. C) Light Weight
  4. D) Insulating

    Answer: D) Insulating



What is the environmental impact of excessive use of thermocol?

  1. A) Increased biodegradability
  2. B) Reduced pollution
  3. C) Release of poisonous gases
  4. D) Enhanced soil fertility

    Answer: C) Release of poisonous gases


Which type of glass is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its inertness to medicines?

  1. A) Silica glass
  2. B) Borosilicate glass
  3. C) Alkali silicate glass
  4. D) Lead glass

    Answer: B) Borosilicate glass


What is the temperature range at which silica melts during the production of soda-lime glass?

  1. A) 100 ºC
  2. B) 850 ºC
  3. C) 1500 ºC
  4. D) 1700 ºC

    Answer: D) 1700 ºC


Which type of glass is known for its use in the manufacturing of spectacles, lenses, and microscopic lenses?

  1. A) Optical glass
  2. B) Coloured glass
  3. C) Processed glass
  4. D) Silica glass

    Answer: A) Optical glass


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