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Maharashtra Board Class 9 Science Reflection of Light

Maharashtra Board Class 9 Science Reflection of Light Textbook Question Answers and Important Notes from the Chapter.


Explain the difference between a plane mirror, a concave mirror and a convex mirror with respect to the type and size of the images produced.

Mirror Type Reflection Surface Image Type Image Size
Plane Mirror Flat and smooth surface Virtual Same size as the object
Concave Mirror Inner curved surface Real Enlarged or reduced based on object distance
Convex Mirror Outer curved surface Virtual Always smaller than the object regardless of distance


Describe the positions of the source of light with respect to a concave mirror in 1. Torch light 2. Projector lamp 3. Floodlight.

Light Source Position with Respect to Concave Mirror
Torch Light Positioned at the Focus or between Focus and Pole for an erect, virtual, and magnified image
Projector Lamp Typically positioned at or near the Focus for a parallel beam or a slightly beyond the Center of Curvature for a bright beam
Floodlight Placed a little beyond the Center of Curvature to produce a bright and widespread beam


Why are concave mirrors used in solar devices?

Concave mirrors are used in solar devices because:

  • They focus sunlight to a specific point, increasing energy intensity.
  • They efficiently collect and concentrate sunlight for various applications.
  • They can be used in different solar devices like cookers, heaters, and power generators.


Why are the mirrors fitted on the outside of cars convex?

Mirrors fitted on the outside of cars are convex because:

  • Convex mirrors provide a broader field of view, helping drivers see more of the surroundings.
  • Convex mirrors make parking easier as they display a wider perspective
  • Convex mirrors produce smaller images, allowing more to be seen within a limited space.
  • They reduce glare from headlights of vehicles behind, improving nighttime visibility.


Why does obtaining the image of the sun on a paper with the help of a concave mirror burn the paper?

Obtaining the image of the sun on a paper with a concave mirror can burn the paper because:

  • The concave mirror focuses sunlight onto a small area on the paper.
  • The concentrated sunlight raises the temperature of the paper significantly.
  • The high temperature surpasses the paper’s ignition point, causing it to catch fire.



Which type of mirrors are used in the following?

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