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MCQ on Class 1 EVS Environment

Last updated on December 17th, 2023 at 10:39 am

If you are looking for MCQ on Class 1 Environment , then you are at the correct place.


What is the meaning of “environment” ?
a) Only living things
b) Only non-living things
c) Everything around us
d) Only plants and animals


What is the area around our house called?
a) Environment
b) Surrounding
c) Neighbourhood
d) Community


What are the various things that form a part of our surrounding?
a) Only plants and animals
b) Only people and buildings
c) People, plants, animals, buildings, and more
d) Only cars and buses


Why is it important to keep our surrounding neat and clean?
a) To impress neighbors
b) To stay healthy
c) To avoid plants and animals
d) To make it look pretty


What role do plants play in maintaining a healthy environment?
a) They make the surroundings look green
b) They keep the air fresh and clean
c) They provide shade for buildings
d) They attract more animals


The area around our house with schools, hospitals, parks, and markets is known as:
a) Surrounding
b) Neighbourhood
c) Community
d) Environment

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