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MCQ on Class 1 EVS The World of Plants

Last updated on December 17th, 2023 at 10:39 am

MCQ on Class 1 The World of Plants


What are plants that are smaller than trees and have woody stems with several branches called?
a. Trees
b. Climbers
c. Shrubs
d. Herbs
Answer: c. Shrubs


Which of the following is the largest known herb with a soft stem?
a. Rose
b. Banana plant
c. Sunflower
d. Cotton
Answer: b. Banana plant


What is the function of thorns in plants like rose and cactus?
a. Attracting pollinators
b. Storing water
c. Protecting the plant
d. Making food for the plant
Answer: c. Protecting the plant


Which part of a plant is responsible for making food for the plant?
a. Root
b. Flower
c. Stem
d. Leaf
Answer: d. Leaf


What is the purpose of a plant’s flower?
a. Providing support
b. Making food
c. Producing seeds
d. Absorbing water
Answer: c. Producing seeds


What part of the plant holds it in the ground and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil?
a. Leaf
b. Flower
c. Root
d. Stem
Answer: c. Root


Which of the following is not a type of plant based on its size and structure?
a. Climbers
b. Creepers
c. Herbs
d. Thorns
Answer: d. Thorns


Where do most plants grow?
a. Deserts
b. Oceans
c. Gardens, fields, and forests
d. Mountains
Answer: c. Gardens, fields, and forests


What is the role of a seed in the life cycle of a plant?
a. Making food
b. Holding the plant in the ground
c. Producing flowers
d. Growing into a new plant
Answer: d. Growing into a new plant


Which type of plant requires support to grow due to its weak stem?
a. Trees
b. Shrubs
c. Climbers
d. Herbs
Answer: c. Climbers

What type of plants have big and tall structures with thick stems and strong trunks?
a. Climbers
b. Herbs
c. Trees
d. Shrubs
Answer: c. Trees

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