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MCQ on Class 4 Science Vegetative Propagation

if you are looking for MCQ on Class 4 Science Vegetative Propagation Then you are at the right place.


What is reproduction?
a) Growing new plants
b) Producing young ones
c) Harvesting crops
d) Watering plants

Answer: b) Producing young ones


Which is a characteristic feature of living things?
a) Eating
b) Reproduction
c) Sleeping
d) Breathing

Answer: b) Reproduction


3. What does asexual reproduction in plants involve?
a) Two parent plants
b) Flowers and seeds
c) Only one parent plant
d) Specific environmental conditions

Answer: c) Only one parent plant


4. Which part of a potato is involved in asexual reproduction?
a) Flesh
b) Peel
c) Eyes
d) Stems

Answer: c) Eyes


5. What do rhizomes and bulbs serve as in plants?
a) Flowers
b) Storehouses for food
c) Seeds
d) Leaves

Answer: b) Storehouses for food


6. What is the primary purpose of runners in plants?
a) Producing flowers
b) Growing roots
c) Producing new plants
d) Storing nutrients

Answer: c) Producing new plants


7. Which method involves cutting a part of a plant and burying it in soil to grow roots and shoots?
a) Grafting
b) Layering
c) Cutting
d) Tissue culture

Answer: c) Cutting


8. What is tissue culture based on?
a) Sexual reproduction
b) Multiple parent plants
c) Growing from seeds
d) Growing from a single cell

Answer: d) Growing from a single cell


9. What is an underground stem that can be cut into pieces to grow new plants?
a) Runner
b) Sucker
c) Rhizome
d) Leaf

Answer: c) Rhizome


10. Which method involves joining healthy parts of two different plants to form a single plant?
a) Cutting
b) Grafting
c) Layering
d) Tissue culture

Answer: b) Grafting


11. What is the purpose of an explant in tissue culture?
a) New plant
b) Parent plant
c) Medium for tissue culture
d) Transferred plant part

Answer: d) Transferred plant part


12. What is the advantage of asexual reproduction in plants?
a) Genetically diverse offspring
b) Requires less care
c) Involves seeds
d) Needs specific environmental conditions

Answer: b) Requires less care


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