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MCQ on Class 5 SST Equatorial Forests

If you are looking for MCQ on Class 5 SST Equatorial Forests ,then you are at the right place.


What percentage of the Earth’s surface does the Amazon rainforest cover?

a. 5%
b. 10%
c. 14%
d. 20%

Answer: c. 14%


Which rivers, known for being among the longest in the world, are found in the equatorial region?

a. Nile and Danube
b. Amazon and Congo
c. Mississippi and Yangtze
d. Ganges and Mekong

Answer: b. Amazon and Congo


What type of rainfall do equatorial rainforests experience, characterized by its heaviness and frequency in the afternoons?

a. Frontal rainfall
b. Orographic rainfall
c. Convectional rainfall
d. Cyclonic rainfall

Answer: c. Convectional rainfall


Why do equatorial rainforests appear green throughout the year?

a. Evergreen trees
b. Seasonal changes
c. Snowfall
d. Drought-resistant plants

Answer: a. Evergreen trees


What is the average temperature in the equatorial region throughout the year?

a. 20°C
b. 25°C
c. 30°C
d. 35°C

Answer: c. 30°C


Which layer of the equatorial rainforest consists of the tallest trees, reaching up to 200 ft above the forest floor?

a. Canopy
b. Understorey
c. Emergent layer
d. Forest floor

Answer: c. Emergent layer


Which animals are found in the canopy of rainforests?

a. Elephants and jaguars
b. Lemurs and marmosets
c. Pythons and anacondas
d. Toucans and parrots

Answer: b. Lemurs and marmosets


What is the staple food of the Bantu people in the rainforest?

a. Rice
b. Wheat
c. Cassava
d. Barley

Answer: c. Cassava


Which tribe lives a nomadic life and uses bows, arrows, and spears for hunting in the Congo region?

a. Bantu
b. Pygmies
c. Semangs
d. Yanomami

Answer: b. Pygmies


What is the primary occupation of many rainforest tribes?
a. Mining
b. Fishing
c. Hunting and gathering
d. Plantation farming

Answer: c. Hunting and gathering


Which European introduction during colonial rule influenced the economic activities in the rainforest regions?
a. Logging
b. Hydroelectricity
c. Plantation farming
d. Inland navigation

Answer: c. Plantation farming


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