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MCQ on Class 7 Rajput Age New Ruler and States

MCQ on Class 7 Rajput Age New Ruler and States


1. During which medieval period in Indian history is Rajput Yuga commonly referred to?
a) 700 to 1200 AD
b) 500 to 1000 AD
c) 1200 to 1700 AD
d) 600 to 1100 AD


2. Which Indian region saw the emergence of independent kingdoms after the death of Harshavardhana in the seventh century?
a) Northern India
b) Southern India
c) Eastern India
d) Western India


3. What qualities were the Rajputs of India known for during the medieval period?
a) Cowardice and deceit
b) Fearlessness and adherence to truth
c) Dishonesty and betrayal
d) Indifference to warfare


4. Which town became a place of pilgrimage due to its magnificent temples during the Rajput Yuga?
a) Khajuraho
b) Kalinjar
c) Mahoba
d) Ajmeru


5. Who founded the Garhwal state and made Kanoj and Kashi his capital?
a) Chandradev
b) Raja Bhoja
c) Siddharaj Jaisingh
d) Krishnaraja


6. Which battle marked the end of Rajput rule over Delhi and the establishment of Muslim rule?
a) Battle of Terai
b) Battle of Karnal
c) Battle of Ghazni
d) Battle of Thaneswar


7. What was the significance of Anhilwad Patan, founded by Vanraj Chavda?
a) It was a place of pilgrimage.
b) It was a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
c) It was a town named after his friend.
d) It was the capital of the Chavda dynasty.


8. Who is considered the golden age ruler of the Solanki dynasty in Gujarat?
a) Siddharaj Jaisingh
b) Kumarpal
c) Bhimdev Pratham
d) Meenaldevi


9. What did Rani Udayamati build in Patan that received UNESCO World Heritage status?
a) Khajuraho Temples
b) Mahoba Fort
c) Rani Vav
d) Kalinjar Temple


10. Who composed the grammar book named ‘Siddhahemshabdanushasana’ during the Solanki dynasty?
a) Kalhan
b) Chahman (Chauhan)
c) Hemchandracharyaji
d) Siddharaj Jaisingh


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