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MCQ on Class 8 Science Reproduction in Animals

Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 08:45 pm

MCQ on Class 8 Science Reproduction in Animals


If you are looking for mcq on class 8 science reproduction in animals then you are on the right place. serve this quiz to check your knowledge about the topic.


What is the term for reproduction resulting from the fusion of male and female gametes?
a) Asexual reproduction
b) Internal reproduction
c) Sexual reproduction
d) External reproduction
Answer: c) Sexual reproduction


Which organs produce female gametes in animals?
a) Testes
b) Ovaries
c) Uterus
d) Oviducts
Answer: b) Ovaries


What is the process of fusion of ovum and sperm called?
a) Fertilization
b) Budding
c) Binary fission
d) Metamorphosis
Answer: a) Fertilization


Which type of fertilization occurs inside the female body?
a) External fertilization
b) Internal fertilization
Answer: b) Internal fertilization


In which animals is internal fertilization observed?
a) Frogs
b) Fish
c) Starfish
d) Dogs
Answer: d) Dogs


The zygote is formed as a result of the fusion of:
a) Two ova
b) Two sperms
c) Ovum and sperm
d) Ovary and testis
Answer: c) Ovum and sperm


What is the stage of embryo development where all body parts are identifiable?
a) Zygote
b) Fetus
c) Larva
d) Gamete
Answer: b) Fetus


Animals that give birth to young ones are called:
a) Oviparous animals
b) Viviparous animals
c) Metamorphic animals
d) Asexual animals
Answer: b) Viviparous animals


Which animals lay eggs?
a) Viviparous animals
b) Oviparous animals
c) Metamorphic animals
d) Asexual animals
Answer: b) Oviparous animals


The transformation of larva into an adult through drastic changes is called:
a) Fertilization
b) Budding
c) Metamorphosis
d) Binary fission
Answer: c) Metamorphosis

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