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MCQ on Class 7 Science Motion and Time

Last updated on December 14th, 2023 at 08:35 am

Motion and Time Class 7 MCQ


What is motion?

  1. A) The distance moved by an object in a unit time
  2. B) The action or process of moving or being moved
  3. C) The speed of an object
  4. D) The distance covered by an object in a unit time

Answer: B


What is the basic unit of speed?

  1. A) Meter per second (m/s)
  2. B) Minute per kilometer (min/km)
  3. C) Kilometer per hour (km/h)
  4. D) Meter per minute (m/min)

Answer: A


Which type of motion is described as an object moving along a straight line with a constant speed?

  1. A) Non-Uniform motion
  2. B) Periodic motion
  3. C) Uniform motion
  4. D) Oscillatory motion

Answer: C


How is speed calculated?

  1. A) Speed = Time taken / Distance travelled
  2. B) Speed = Distance travelled x Time taken
  3. C) Speed = Total distance covered / Total time taken
  4. D) Speed = Total time taken / Total distance covered

Answer: C


What is used for the measurement of time?

  1. A) Speed of objects
  2. B) Periodic events
  3. C) Odometer
  4. D) Distance-time graph

Answer: B


Which unit is used to measure time?

  1. A) Meter (m)
  2. B) Minute (min)
  3. C) Second (s)
  4. D) Hour (h)

Answer: C


What type of motion is characterized by a changing speed of an object moving along a straight line?

  1. A) Non-Uniform motion
  2. B) Uniform motion
  3. C) Circular motion
  4. D) Periodic motion

Answer: A


Which graph represents the motion of an object with a constant speed?

  1. A) Distance-time graph with a curve
  2. B) Distance-time graph with zig-zag lines
  3. C) Distance-time graph with loops
  4. D) Distance-time graph with a straight line

Answer: D

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