Class 6 Air Around Us

Air Around Us Class 6 Questions and Answers

NCERT Solution Class 6 Science Air Around Us Chapter 15

Air Around Us Class 6 Questions and Answers
          Class 6 Science Air Around Us


What is the composition of air?

Air contains several gases, primarily nitrogen and oxygen, as well as a trace of carbon dioxide, water vapour, and dust particles.

Which gas in the atmosphere is essential for respiration?

The presence of oxygen gas in the atmosphere is required for respiration.


How will you prove that air supports burning?

On a table, place two small candles of the same length. Turn on both candles. Invert a glass tumbler over one of the candles. The candle appears to have been extinguished because the component inside the glass tumbler that supports burning is limited. The burning candles consume the majority of the component. The other candle, on the other hand, is getting a steady supply of air. This component of air that supports burning is known as oxygen.


How will you show that air is dissolved in water?

Fill a glass or metal container halfway with water. When the water starts to boil, we can see tiny bubbles on the inner surface of the container. These bubbles are caused by air dissolved in water. To begin with, when you heat the water, the air dissolved in it escapes. As you continue to heat, the water turns into vapour and eventually begins to boil.

Why does a lump of cotton wool shrink in water?

The cotton clump is filled with air. When it comes into contact with water, the air pushed out from the empty space is dissolved in water, causing a lump of cotton wool to shrink in water.


The layer of air around the earth is known as ___________.



The component of air used by green plants to make their food, is ___________.

Carbon dioxide


List five activities that are possible due to the presence of air.

There are five activities that are made possible by the presence of air are:-

  1. The wind causes the windmill to spin.
  2. Air helps in the movements of sailing yachts, gliders, parachutes and aeroplanes.
  3. Birds, bats and insects can fly due to the presence of air
  4. Air also helps in the dispersal of seeds and pollen from various plant flowers.
  5. Air plays an important role in the water cycle.


How do plants and animals help each other in the exchange of gases in the atmosphere?

Plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen into the atmosphere during photosynthesis, whereas animals take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide during respiration. Plants and animals help each other in the exchange of gases in the atmosphere in this way.





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