Our State Class 3 Questions and Answers

Our State Class 3 Solutions

Our State Class 3 Questions and Answers by online-shiksha

How many states are there in India?

There are 28 states in our country.


How many union territories are there in India?

There are 8 union territories in India.


What is the national capital territory?


The capital city of Tamil Nadu is what?


The capital city of Gujarat is?


What is the function of a government?

The government creates laws or rules for the country and looks after the welfare and safety of the people.


In India, how many governments are there?

In India, there are two types of governments. The Central Government and the State Government.


Why is India divided into states and union territories?

Taking care of such a large population is very difficult for the Central Government. That is why the country is divided into smaller parts or states. Each state has its own government, which is responsible for the welfare of its people.


In India, how many states and union territories are there?

28 states and 8 union territory.


How does the Central Government function?

The Central Government is responsible for the safety welfare of the entire country.


Where is the State Government located?

State government is located in state capital.


Briefly describe what the government does?

Governments decide where schools, roads, hospitals, parks, stadiums, stations, and airports will be built. Governments also provide services like electricity, water, phone service, and telecommunications.


How would you describe the Central Government?

  • Located in New Delhi, the capital of India, the Central Government is responsible for all aspects of safety and welfare for the entire nation.
  • Our central government members are elected by Indians.
  • Prime Minister, President and others form the Central Government.


Fill in the blanks

The ………….frames laws or rules to the country.

The …………and The Chief Minister live in the state capital.

……………is the status of the National Capital Territory.

__________ islands are the biggest Island.

Capital city of Bihar is _____________.

_____ is the smallest union territory of India.






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