Quiz on Computer – Quiz 3

Quiz on Computer – Quiz 3

Computer Quiz for Class 5 With Answers | Computer General Knowledge Online Quiz,  for school students asked in various competitive exams ………………….

1. What is the name of Google’s video-sharing service?


2. What does CRM mean in terms of software applications?


3. What is the name of a browser feature that automatically populates form fields?


4. The full form of LOGO is………..


5. What is the name of the primary background of a desktop PC?


6. Which of the following input devices is most likely to include a scroll wheel?


7. What is the full form of ASCII ?


8. What is another name for recording data on a DVD?


9. Which component in a digital camera is used measured in megapixels?


10. What is the common name for a program installed on a smartphone?


11. Which is the world’s largest network?


12. What language is used specifically for retrieving data from a database?


13. CD-RW is a variant of what type of media?


14. How many shift keys are there on a standard keyboard?


15. Which of the following devices has shift and caps lock?


16. What is the full form of CAD?


17. What is the fastest data transfer medium?


18. What are the individual dots that comprise images on a screen known as?


19. What Windows function key is frequently used to execute the refresh command?


20. Which of the following is a standard for cellular data transmission?


21. MICR is a type of scanner . What is the full form of MICR ?


22. What kind of printer splatters small drops of ink onto a sheet of paper?


23. What printer does not print on paper?


24. Which of the following is an input device?


25. What is the full form of BIOS ?


26. What technology enables satellite navigation based on location?


27. What is the full form of API?


28. Mac Books are what type of device …?


29. A GIF file is what type of file?


30. Windows and Mac OS are two types of what?


31. Which of the following is used to store data?



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