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Class 5 Science Safety and First Aid Questions and Answers

Last updated on June 28th, 2023 at 09:21 pm

Safety and First Aid Class 5 Questions and Answers


Safety and First Aid Class 5 Questions and Answers | Grade 5 Science Question Answers | for all the students of CBSE / icse / state board..

Fill in the blanks

  1. The immediate help given to the injured person is called ……….[first aid]
  2. A ………… is caused when there is a crack or a break in the bone of our body.[fracture]
  3. …………….. is caused by a bacterium, Clostridium tetani.[Tetanus]

Answer the following questions

[Que] What are the safety rules for pedestrians?
  • Always cross the street at a zebra crossing.
  • Cross the street when there is a green signal for pedestrians.
  • If there is a footbridge, utilize it to cross the road because there may be heavy traffic.
  • To cross the road when there is no zebra crossing, look right, then left, then right again.
  • If you are walking and there is no pedestrian path, stick to the left.


[Que] What are the safety rules for vehicle drivers?
  • Always obey the traffic lights.
  • If the traffic signal is yellow, do not speed. Slow down gradually and come to a halt at the red light.
  • Do not run the red light.
  • Do not overtake from the left side.
  • Follow the posted speed limit on the road.
  • Allow for the approaching ambulance.


[Que] What are the safety rules for fire?

You should not light the candle yourself; ask your elders for assistance.
While burning crackers, don’t wear synthetic clothing. Wear cotton clothing during fireworks. Synthetic and nylon clothes easily catch fire.
If there is a gas leak, do not light a fire near the cylinder. Open the door and windows of the kitchen and call for help.
Switch off the main switch in case of short circuit or fire. Do not throw water, instead throw sand and mud.
The best way to extinguish a fire caused by petrol is to throw sand and mud, because petrol floats and continues to burn.


[Que] How to treat minor burns?
  • Minor burns may be treated at home.
  • Apply cold water to the burned area.
  • Apply antibacterial ointment or lotion to the affected region.
  • You might also use coconut oil.


[Que] Tetanus-causing bacteria found at which place?

Tetanus is caused by a bacterium, Clostridium tetani. This bacterium may be found in dirt, dust, and manure. It enters the body by an open wound, cut, or skin penetrated by an infected instrument.

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