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Class 3 Science Safety Rules Questions and Answers

Last updated on June 28th, 2023 at 11:57 pm

Class 3 Safety Rules Questions and Answers


Class 3 Safety Rules Questions and Answers | 03 – Grade 3 Science Question Answers | for the students of state / CBSE / icse


Fill in the blanks on Safety Rules

  1. When crossing the road, always cross at ________
  2. If you are traveling in a car, tie your _______.
  3. Handle sharp objects such as knives and scissors _________


  1. Zebra crossing 
  2. Seat belt
  3. safely


Answer the following Questions.


Which three safety rules should you follow when playing?


Some of the Playground Safety Rules are :-
  • While playing, do not push others. wait for your turn.
  • You must follow the rules of the game.
  • You should not fight with your friends.


What are the safety rules you have to follow in school?

Safety rules to be followed in school are :-

  • Do not hit anyone or through things.
  • Do not climb on the desk/table
  • Be careful while using sharpener to sharpen pencils.
  • Be careful while using sharpen objects.


What are the safety rules to be followed on road?

Safety rules to be followed at road are :-

  • Walk on the footpath are on the left side of road.
  • Always use zebra crossing to cross the road.
  • Before crossing first look to your right then left and then again right and then cross the road.
  • Also use Subway to cross the road.


What are the safety rules to be followed at home?

Safety rules to be followed at home are :-

  • Do not leave your toys on the floor.
  • Do not touch hot pans or boiling water.
  • Do not touch stove.
  • Do not touch electric gadgets or switches with wet hands.


What is first aid?

First help that an injured person need is called first aid.

  • Do not panic keep calm
  • Don’t crowd around the injured person
  • Call the doctor.


What are the things that should be kept in First Aid Box?

Things that should be kept in the first aid box are –

  • Bandages
  • Cotton
  • Antiseptic Creams
  • Burn Ointments
  • A Pair of Small Scissors
  • A Thermometer
  • And Remember All Emergency Phone Numbers


Why do accidents takes place?

Accidents take place when people are careless or in a hurry.


What are the reasons you should not wear nylon or terylene clothes near a fire?

We should not wear nylon or terelyne clothes near the fire because these clothes catch fire easily.


Why should you not run down the stairs?

Running down the stairs can be dangerous as we may slip and hurt ourselves.


How can we prevent accidents?

We can protect ourselves from accidents by following all safety rules.


What should you do if someone gets badly hurt?

If someone is badly hurt, give him first aid.


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