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Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Matter Around Us

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Choose the correct answer.

  1. ……….is not made of matter.
  2. Gold ring
  3. Iron nail
  4. Light ray
  5. Oil drop


  1. 200 ml of water is poured into a bowl of 400 ml capacity. The volume of water will be……..
  2. 400 ml b. 600 ml
  3. 200 ml d. 800 ml


  1. Seeds from water-melon can be removed by ……..
  2. hand-picking
  3. filtration
  4. magnetic separation
  5. decantation


  1. Lighter impurities like dust when mixed with rice or pulses can be removed by……….
  2. filtration b. sedimentation
  3. decantation d. winnowing


  1. ……….is essential to perform winnowing activity.
  2. Rain b. Soil
  3. Water d. Air


  1. Filtration method is effective in separating……. mixture.
  2. solid-solid b. solid-liquid
  3. liquid-liquid d. liquid-gas


  1. Among the following……. is not a mixture.
  2. coffee with milk
  3. lemon juice
  4. water
  5. ice cream embedded with nuts




Fill in the blanks.

  1. Matter is made up of…………[atoms]
  2. In solids, the space between the particles is less than in ………..[ liquids and gases.]
  3. Grains can be separated from their stalks by………..[ threshing]
  4. Chillies are removed from ‘Upma’ ………by method.[ hand-picking]
  5. The method employed to separate clay particles from water is………[ sedimentation]
  6. Water obtained from tube wells is usually ……….water.[ ground]
  7. Which among the following ………will get attracted to by magnet? (safety pins, pencil and rubber band)


III. State True or False. If false, correct the statement.

  1. Air is not compressible. [False]
  2. Liquids have no fixed volume but have fixed shape. [False]
  3. Particles in solids are free to move.[False]
  4. When pulses are washed with water before cooking, water is separated from them by filtration. [True]
  5. Strainer is a kind of sieve which is used to separate a liquid from solid. [True]
  6. Grain and husk can be separated by winnowing.[True]
  7. Air is a pure substance.[False]
  8. Butter from curd is separated by sedimentation.[False]


Answer very briefly


  1. Define the term matter.

Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass.


  1. How can husk or fine dust particles be separated from rice before cooking?

Husk or fine dust particles can be separated from rice before cooking by the process of winnowing, where rice is poured from a height in the presence of wind, causing the lighter husk or dust particles to be blown away while the heavier rice grains fall down.


  1. Why do we separate mixtures?

We separate mixtures to remove impurities, obtain useful components, or obtain a substance in a highly pure form.


  1. Give an example for mixture and justify your answer with reason.

Example: Lemon juice. Justification: Lemon juice is a mixture because it contains lemon extract, water, and sugar (optional). These components can be physically separated, and the proportions of lemon extract, water, and sugar can vary, making it a mixture.


  1. Define – Sedimentation.

Sedimentation is the process by which heavier particles in a mixture settle down at the bottom when allowed to remain undisturbed for some time.


  1. Give the main difference between a pure substance and an impure substance.

The main difference between a pure substance and an impure substance is that a pure substance is made up of only one kind of particles and has a fixed composition, while an impure substance is made up of more than one kind of particles and can have varying compositions.


Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Matter Around Us additional que ans


Q: What is matter?
A: Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass.


Q: What are atoms?
A: Atoms are the smallest particles of matter.


Q: How are atoms identified?
A: Atoms are identified using Atomic Resolution Microscope (ARM) and Tunneling Electron Microscope (TEM).


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