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Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Chapter 4 The World of Plants

if you are looking for Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Chapter 4 The World of Plants, then you are at the right place.


Choose the correct answer.


Pond is an example of ____________ecosystem.

a) marine b) freshwater

c) deserts d) mountain


The important function of stomata is ____________.

a) conduction b) transpiration

c) photosynthesis d) absorption


Organ of absorption is ____________

a) root b) stem

c) leaf d) flower


The habitat of water hyacinth is

a) aquatic b) terrestrial

c) desert d) mountain


Fill in the blanks.

  1. Earth’s surface is covered by ____________ % of water. [70]
  2. The driest places on the Earth are ____________.[deserts]
  3. Fixation and absorption are the main functions of ____________.[root]
  4. Primary organs of photosynthesis are ____________.[leaves]
  5. Taproot system is present in ____________ plants.[ dicotyledonous]


III. State True or False. If false,correct the statement.

  1. Plants can live without water. [False – the need water]
  2. All plants have chlorophyll. [False – Not all plants]
  3. Plants have three parts: the root, the stem and leaves. [True]
  4. Mountain is an example for freshwater habitat.[False]
  5. Root is modified into spines.[True]
  6. Green plants need sunlight.[True]


Match the following.

  1. Mountain – a. Monocot
  2. Desert – b. Branches
  3. Stem – c. Dry place
  4. Photosynthesis – d. Himalayas
  5. Fibrous root – e. Leaves


1- d. Himalayas , 2 – c. Dry place , 3- b. Branches , 4- e. Leaves , 5- a.Monocot



Arrange the following in correct sequence.

  • Leaf – Stem – Root – Flower
  • Root – Stem – Leaf – Flower


  • Transpiration – Conduction -Absorption – Fixation
  • Absorption – Conduction – Fixation – Transpiration


Answer in brief .


Classify the plants on the basis of their habitats.

Plants can be classified based on where they live. Some live in water (aquatic), some on land (terrestrial).


Mention few desert plants.

Some desert plants include cactus, agave, and aloe.


Define the term habitat.

A habitat is the place where plants and animals live.


Relate the terms leaves and photosynthesis.

Leaves are where photosynthesis happens. They take in sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make food for the plant.

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