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Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Social Science Chapter 1 What is History

if you are looking for Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Social Science Chapter 1 What is History then you are at the right place. Here we are providing solutions as well as additional QA / Important Notes.



[I] What was the step taken by the early man to collect his food?

Trade b. Hunting c. Painting d. Rearing of animals

Ans – Hunting


[II] Find out the wrong pair

  1. Old stone age – Stone tools
  2. Rock paintings – Walls of the caves
  3. Copper plates – A source of history
  4. Cats – First domesticated [Wrong]


[III] Find the odd one

  1. Paintings were drawn on rocks and caves.
  2. There were paintings depicting hunting scenes.
  3. It was drawn to show his family members about hunting.
  4. The paintings were painted by using many colours.

The odd one is: d. The paintings were painted by using many colours.


[IV] Fill in the blanks

  1. The Old Stone Age man lived mostly in . …..[caves]
  2. ……… the father of history. [Herodotus]
  3. …………was the first animal tamed by Old Stone Age man.[Dog]
  4. Inscriptions are …………sources. [Primary]
  5. Ashoka Chakra has……….. spokes. [24]


[V] State True or False

  1. Stone tools belonging to Old Stone Age have been excavated at Athtirampakkam near Chennai. [True]
  2. The materials used by the ancient people are preserved in the museums by the Archaeological Department. [True]
  3. During the period of Ashoka, Buddhism spread across the country. [True]


Match the following

  • Rock paintings – copper plates
  • Written records – the most famous king
  • Ashoka – Devaram
  • Religious Literature – to understand the lifestyle


corrected matching:

  1. Rock paintings – to understand the lifestyle
  2. Written records – copper plates
  3. Ashoka – the most famous king
  4. Religious Literature – Devaram


Answer in one word

  1. Can you say any two advantages of writing diary?

Documentation, Reflection


  1. How do we know the people’s lifestyle of the Old Stone Age?

Stone tools, rock paintings


  1. Is inscription a written record?



  1. What is proto history?

Period between pre-history and history


  1. Name an epic.



VII. Answer the following


What is history?

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