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TN Board Class 6 Civics Unit 1 Understanding Diversity

If you are looking for Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Civics Unit 1 Understanding Diversity then you are at the right place. Here we are providing solutions as well as additional QA / Important Notes.


Choose the correct answer


India consists of____ States and _____ Union territories.

a. 27, 9

b. 29, 7

c. 28, 7

d. 28, 8


India is known as a

a. Continent

b. Sub continent

c. Island

d. None of these


Mawsynram, the land of highest rainfall is located in

a. Manipur

b. Sikkim


d. Meghalaya


Which one of the following religion is not practised in India

a. Sikhism

b. Islam

c. Zoarastrianism

d. Confucianism


Recognised official languages of India,as per VIIIth Schedule of Indian Constitution

a. 25

b. 23

c. 22

d. 26


Onam festival celebrated in

a. Kerala

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Punjab

d. Karnataka


Mohiniyattam is a classical dance of

a. Kerala

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Manipur

d. Karnataka


‘Discovery of India’ – a book was written by

a. Rajaji

b. V.O.C

c. Nethaji

d. Jawaharlal Nehru


The phrase ‘ Unity in Diversity’ was coined by

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