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TN Board Class 6 English Poem Trees Que Ans

TN Board Class 6 English Poem Trees Que Ans


The Banyan is the largest of trees, The Peepul quivers in the breeze, The Coconut grows up straight and tall, The Neem tree’s fruits are very small, The Tamarind gives us pleasant shade, The Date’s leaf is as sharp as a blade, The Teak tree gives us useful wood, The Mango gives us fruit that is good.

Poem Explanation:-

This poem talks about different types of trees and some of their characteristics:

  • The Banyan tree is the biggest.
  • The Peepul tree’s leaves shake in the wind.
  • The Coconut tree grows very tall and straight.
  • The Neem tree produces tiny fruits.
  • The Tamarind tree provides nice shade.
  • The Date tree has leaves that are sharp like a knife.
  • The Teak tree gives us strong wood.
  • The Mango tree gives us tasty fruit.

Each tree mentioned has its own unique features and benefits.


Answer the following.


What does the peepul do?

The Peepul tree’s leaves quiver or shake in the breeze.


How does the coconut tree grow?

The Coconut tree grows straight and tall.

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