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TN Board Class 6 English Spices of India

TN Board Class 6 English Spices of India


Answer the following questions.

Why do we add spices to food?

Spices are added to food for various reasons, including enhancing flavor, adding aroma, providing health benefits, and preserving food. They can also contribute to the complexity of taste profiles and balance the overall flavor of a dish.


Which spices are used a lot in Indian food?

Several spices are commonly used in Indian food, including cumin, mustard, pepper, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, and turmeric. These spices are integral to creating the distinctive flavors and aroma characteristic of Indian cuisine.


Which parts of a plant are collected as spices?

Spices can be derived from various parts of plants, including flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds, and bulbs. For example, cloves are flower buds, cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree, and turmeric is derived from the root of a plant.


What are the uses of spices?

Spices are really useful in cooking and more. When we cook with spices, they make our food taste better, smell nice, and look more colorful. They also change how our food tastes overall, making it more enjoyable to eat. Besides cooking, people have used spices for a long time for medicine and keeping food fresh because they can fight off germs that make food go bad.


What happened after Columbus discovered America?

After Columbus found America, it caused big changes in history. One big thing was the Columbian Exchange. This meant that stuff like goods, ideas, and even sicknesses were traded between the Old World (places like Europe, Africa, and Asia) and the New World (the Americas). This made a huge impact on things like trade, how countries made money, who lived where, and even what people ate. For example, when America was discovered, new foods like chili peppers were brought back to Europe and Asia. This changed the way people cooked. Also, European countries took over America and used its resources, like spices, to make themselves rich. They set up trade routes to get these resources.


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