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TN Board Class 6 English The Apple Tree and the Farmer

TN Board Class 6 English The Apple Tree and the Farmer


Read the following statements. Say True or False.

  1. The farmer had spent his childhood playing under the tree.[True]
  2. The farmer felt the space could be used to build a house.[False]
  3. The apple tree requested the farmer not to cut it. [False]
  4. All the little animals were happy about the farmer’s decision.[False]
  5. The apple tree was home for all the little animals.[True]


Identify the speaker / character.

  1. Please don’t cut the tree.Farmer’s daughter and her friends
  2. You can enjoy the shade when you become old.Farmer’s daughter and her friends
  3. I promise that I will never cut this tree.The farmer


Choose the right option.

The animals became worried because

  • there was heavy rain.
  • the farmer began to chop the tree.[Ans]
  • the farmer chased them away.
  • the tree became old.


The farmer’s daughter and her friends came out because

  • they wanted to play under the tree.
  • they heard the commotion of the creatures.[Ans]
  • the farmer called them.
  • they heard the farmer’s voice.


The farmer promised that he would

  • grow more trees.
  • provide shelter to all the little animals.
  • not cut the tree.[Ans]
  • be thankful to the children.


Read the passage and answer the following.


All of a sudden, the farmer noticed a small fruit hanging from a branch. It was an apple and looked as delicious as the ones he ate as a boy. He plucked it and bit into the juicy fruit. The memories of the fun he had had as a boy came rushing back. When his daughter saw the changed expression in her father’s face, she started pleading harder.


What did the farmer notice?

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