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Worksheet on comparison of adjectives

Worksheet on comparison of adjectives


Choose the correct form of the adjective (comparative or superlative) to complete the sentence.

Worksheet on comparative adjectives:


The cat is (fast) than the dog.

Tina is much (tall) than her younger sister.

This book is (interesting) than the one i read last week.

The red dress is (expensive) than the blue one.

My computer is (new) than yours.

Swimming is (relaxing) than running.

Elephants are (heavy) than giraffes.

The weather today is (bad) than yesterday.


Worksheet on superlative adjectives:

Mount Everest is the (high) mountain in the world.

This is the (delicious) cake I’ve ever tasted.

Sarah is the (intelligent) student in the class.

The cheetah is one of the (fast) land animals.

The Pacific Ocean is the (large) ocean on earth.

The Eiffel tower is one of the (tall) structures in the world.

That was the (scary) movie I’ve ever watched.

The Nile river is the (long) river in the world.


Answer sheet comparative adjectives:



More interesting

More expensive


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