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Adjectives in English Grammar

Last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 10:22 pm

Adjectives in English Grammar : –

Adjective is a word that describes the nouns and pronoun.

For Example

Himanshu is a good boy 

Shantanu is poor but honest

America is a powerful country

In first sentence the word good tells that how is Himanshu

In second sentence the word poor and honest shows that what kind of person is Shantanu.

The word “powerful” shows that, how the country America is.

All these words describe the nouns how they are so they are called describing words and describing words are also called adjectives.


Types of Adjectives: –

  • Adjectives of quality
  • Adjective of quantity
  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Interrogative adjective
  • Possessive adjectives


Adjectives of quality

Words that describe the quality of a noun are known as adjectives of quality

For example: – poor, honest, good, powerful, old and sad 

The cow is a useful animal.


Adjective of quantity

Words that describe the question how many or how much are called adjectives of quantity

For Example: – 20 balls, 10 oranges and little milk etc.

Cricket team has eleven players


Exercise: – Find the adjective of quality in below sentences

  1. The cow is a useful animal.
  2. The girl is sad.
  3. Shanaya is a good girl.
  4. Sweetie is an adorable baby.
  5. He was an honest man .
  6. Shanaya is the best student in the class .



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