Nouns Definition of Noun and its Types

Nouns And Its Types


Nouns and its types- Definition of Noun and its types

Nouns Definition – Nouns refer to persons, animals, places, things, ideas, or events, etc.

Noun can be a/an –  

o    Person – a name for a person: – Savita ,Shanaya,Teena etc.

o    Animal – a name for an animal: – dog, cat, cow, bat etc.

o    Place – a name for a place: – India , Ahmedabad, Mumbai, etc.

o    Thing – a name for a thing: – bat, ball, chair, computer, etc.

o    Idea – A name for an idea: – devotion, superstition, happiness etc.

Types of Noun:

Proper Noun:

A proper noun is a name which refers only to a single person, place, or thing and there is no common name for it.

Example: Vadodara (one particular city), Shanaya (particular person),

India (there is no other country named India; this name is fixed for only one country).

Common Noun:

A common noun is a name for something which is common for many things, person, or places

Example: Country (refer to any country, nothing in particular), city (refer to any city like Mumbai etc. but nothing in particular).

Abstract Noun:

An abstract noun is a word for something that cannot be seen but is there. An abstract noun is a feeling or concept that you cannot touch, such as happiness or education

Example: Truth, lies, happiness, sorrow, time, friendship, etc.

Concrete Noun:

A concrete noun is a noun that can be identified through one of the five senses (taste, touch, sight, hearing, or smell). 

Example: Chair, table, bat, ball, water, etc.

Countable Noun:

The nouns that can be counted in cardinal numbers are called countable nouns. Countable nouns can take an article: a, an, the.

Example: Chair, table, bat, ball, etc. (you can say 1 ball, 2 ball, so chairs are countable)

Non-countable Noun:

The nouns that cannot be counted in cardinal numbers are called non-countable nouns.

Example: Water, sugar, oil, salt, etc. (you cannot say “1 water, 2 water, 3 water” because water is not countable)

Collective Noun:

A collective noun is a word for a group of things, people, or animals, etc.

Example: family, team, jury, cattle, etc.

Compound Noun:

A compound noun contains two or more words that join together to make a single noun, like “keyboard.” A compound noun is a type of compound word that is used to designate a person, place, or thing.



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