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Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Solution

Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 12:44 am

Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Solution Textbook question and answers as well as extra question and answers from the chapter


Fill in the blanks.

a) Group of stars forming a particular shape is called _______________.[constellation]
b) The heavenly body which revolve round any planet is called _______.[satellite]
c) ___________ is the coldest planet. [Neptune ]
d) The ___________ star seems to be fixed at the north direction.[Pole ]
e) The shape of the _______________ constellation is like a hunter.[Orion ]


Choose the correct alternative.

1. The planet closest to the Sun is :-
(a) Venus (b) Mercury (c) Jupiter (d) Earth
(b) Mercury


2. Asteroids are found in between these planets:-
(a) Mars and Jupiter (b) Saturn and Jupiter
(c) Venus and Jupiter (d) Earth and Mars
(a) Mars and Jupiter


3. This planet does not have any natural satellite:-
(a) Mars (b) Uranus (c) Mercury (d) Neptune
(c) Mercury


4. This is not a member of the solar system:-
(a) asteroids (b) planets (c) satellites (d) constellations
(d) constellations


5. This is not a constellation:-
(a) Ursa Major (b) Ursa Minor (c) Orion (d) Hailey
(d) Hailey

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