Bird Questions and Answers for Class 3

Class 3 Birds-Bird Questions and Answers for Class 3

Bird Questions and Answers for Class 3, Types of Beaks of Birds for Class 3, Worksheet on Birds for Grade 3…………………………….

Fill in the blanks

  1. National bird of India is …………
  2. Birds have ………… bones
  3. ……………… Lays only one egg at a time
  4. Humming bird suck …………. from flowers
  5. Scientific study of birds is called …………….
  6. Birds fly with the help of their ………….
  7. Ducks have …………… feet to swim in water



  1. Peacock
  2. Hollow
  3. Albatross
  4. Nectar
  5. Ornithology
  6. Wings
  7. Webbed


Answer the following questions

Q. Name the different parts of a bird’s body ?

Ans. – The different parts of bird’s body are beak , two wings , two legs and a tail, birds’ body is covered with feathers.

Q. What are talons?

Ans. – Talons are the strong and hooked claws of birds that eat small animals.

Q. Give the example of birds who have strong sharp and hooked beak?

Ans. – Eagle Vulture and Kite.

Q. Give the example of birds who have short and horny beak?

Ans. – Sparrow Pigeon and Peacock.

Q. Give example of bird that has short and curved beak?

Ans. – Parrot.

Q. Give example of bird who has strong heavy and chisel shaped beak?

Ans. – Woodpecker.

Q. Give the example of bird that has broad and Flat beak?

Ans. – Duck and Geese.

Q. Give the example of bird that has short and broad beak?

Ans. – Swallow .

Q. Give examples of perching birds?

Ans. – Crow Sparrow and Pigeons Are Perching Birds.

Q. Which birds are called birds of prey?

Ans. – Eagles, Hawks’, Vultures and Owls Are Called Birds of Prey.

Q. Give examples of climbing Birds?

Ans. – Parrots and Woodpeckers Are Climbing Birds.

Q. Give example of scratching Birds?

Ans. – Hands Peacocks and Quill Are Example of Scratching Birds.

Q. Give example of swimming Birds?

Ans. – Ducks Geese and Swans Are Examples of Swimming Birds.

Q. What are the examples of wading birds?

Ans. – Cranes, Herons and Paddy Birds Are Example of Wading Birds.

Q. What are the examples of running Birds?

Ans. – Ostrich and Cassowary Are Examples of Running Birds.

Q. Why birds make nest?

Ans. – Birds make nest to protect them from weather Lay eggs and to protect their eggs and children .

Q. How do birds change their direction while flying?

Ans. – Birds can fly with wings and change their direction with their tail.

Q. Define Nares?

Ans. – Birds have holes on the beaks for which they breathe they are called nares.

Q. How do birds communicate?

Ans. – Birds use songs and calls to communicate with each other, they use high-pitched calls in danger.

Q. Give examples of birds that imitate human speech?

Ans. – Parrot and mockingbirds are the birds that can imitate human speech.

Q. Which bird beats his nest by stitching two leaves together?

Ans. – Tailor bird.

Q. Which is known as silent Bird?

Ans. – Stork.

Q. How many types of feathers are there in the bird’s body?

 Ans. – Birds have 3 types of feathers

Body feathers :- give shape and color

Flight feather :- it helps the bird to fly and are long ,stiff and strong

Down feathers :- these are present under the body feathers ,they are soft and fluffy and keep the bird warm.

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