Insects Chapter For Class 3 Question & Answer

Insects Chapter For Class 3 Question & Answer


Insects For Class 3 – Answer the following questions.


Question :- Name five common types of insects?

The common types of insects are bees, houseflies, butterflies, mosquitoes and beetles etc.

Question :- What are the three main parts of an insect’s body?

The three main parts of insect’s body are:-

  1. Head
  2. Thorax
  3. Abdomen

Question :- Name the insects that live in colonies?

Some insects live in colonies they are called social insects some of the social insects are ants, termites and bees.

Question :- Why the Ladybird Beetle is called a friend of the farmer?

Ladybird beetle eat those insects that damage crops that’ why we call friends of the farmer.

Question :- Name two useful insects?

Some of the useful insects are:-

  1. Honeybees – honeybees collect nectar from flowers and this nectar gets converted into honey.
  2. Silkworm: – we get silk fibre from silkworms.

Question :- Name two harmful insects?

Harmful insects are:-

  1. Mosquitoes: – cause malaria and dengue hence they are harmful insect.
  2. Termites damage wooden objects.
  3. Silverfish damage clothes.

Question :- Describe different types of honey bees and their functions?

Honeybees live in beehive. There are 3 different types of honeybees:-

  1. Queen bee: – this is the only egg producing female in the community.
  2. Worker bee: – worker bee is sterile females they cannot lay eggs.
  3. Drone bee: – stingless and defenseless bee, its only function is to mate with queen after mating it dies immediately.

Question :- Describe the body of an insect?

The insect body is divided into 3 parts;

  1. Head – Head consists of 2 eyes and mouth. Head contains two hairy parts called antennae.
  2. Thorax  – Thorax bears wings and legs
  3. Abdomen – Abdomen is back part of insect it consist of heart and stomach

Question :- Explain the life cycle of butterfly

  1. A tiny worm like creature called Caterpillar hatches from the egg of the butterfly.
  2. The caterpillar is a hungry creature. It eats plenty of leaves and grows very fast.
  3. When it is fully grown, it makes a structure called a cocoon around it.
  4. The caterpillar at this stage is called a Pupa. It stays in the cocoon without eating or moving and turns into a butterfly.
  5. When the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, it is a fully grown insect.

Question :- What are the measures that can be taken to control pest?

Pests can be controlled with the help of pesticides also we can take some other precautions:-

  1. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water
  2. Drains and garbage must be covered.

Question :- Which mosquito causes malaria?

Females Anopheles Mosquito

Fill in the blanks:-

  1. We get silk from ……………
  2. Which insect destroy woods ………….
  3. The insects which live together are called ………… insects.
  4. Insect that destroy crops ……………
  5. Honeybees collect …………… from flowers.
  6. Mosquitoes lay eggs in ……………….. Water.


  1. Silkworm
  2. Termites
  3. Social
  4. Locust
  5. Nectar
  6. Stagnant

Answers in ONE word:-

  1. Name of the insect that collect honey – Honey Bee
  2. An insect that cause malaria –  Female Anopheles
  3. An insect that damages Crops – Locust
  4. Insect use this to smell feel and taste things – feelers


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