Class 3 Insects Questions and Answers

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Class 3 Insects Questions and Answers

Class 3 Insects Questions and Answers | Grade 3 Science Question Answers | insects questions and answers class 3 for CBSE / ICSE Kids


Answer the following Questions


  • Question:- Name five common types of insects.
  • The common types of insects are bees, houseflies, butterflies, mosquitoes and beetles, etc.


  • Question:- What are the three main parts of an insect’s body?
  • The three main parts of an insect’s body are:-
  1. Head
  2. Thorax
  3. Abdomen


  • Question:- Define Social Insects. Name some social insects.
  • Some insects live in colonies they are called social insects some of the social insects are ants, termites, and bees.


  • Question:- Why the Ladybird Beetle is called a friend of the farmer?
  • Ladybird beetle eats those insects that damage crops that’ ‘s why we call friends of the farmer.


  • Question:- Name two useful insects.
  • Some of the useful insects are:-
  1. Honeybees – honeybees collect nectar from flowers and this nectar gets converted into honey.
  2. Silkworm: – we get silk fiber from silkworms.


  • Question:- Name two harmful insects.
  • Harmful insects are:-
  1. Mosquitoes: – cause malaria and dengue hence they are a harmful insects.
  2. Termites damage wooden objects.
  3. Silverfish damage clothes.


  • Question:- Describe different types of honey bees and their functions.
  • Honeybees live in beehives. There are 3 different types of honeybees:-
  1. Queen bee: – this is the only egg-producing female in the community.
  2. Worker bee: – worker bee is sterile females they cannot lay eggs.
  3. Drone bee: – stingless and defenseless bee, its only function is to mate with the queen after mating it dies immediately.


  • Question:- Describe the body of an insect?
  • The insect body is divided into 3 parts;
  1. Head – Head consists of 2 eyes and mouth. Head contains two hairy parts called antennae.
  2. Thorax  – Thorax bears wings and legs
  3. Abdomen – Abdomen is the back part of the insect it consists of the heart and stomach.


Question:- Explain the life cycle of butterfly

  1. A tiny worm-like creature called Caterpillar hatches from the egg of the butterfly.
  2. The caterpillar is a hungry creature. It eats plenty of leaves and grows very fast.
  3. When it is fully grown, it makes a structure called a cocoon around it.
  4. The caterpillar at this stage is called a Pupa. It stays in the cocoon without eating or moving and turns into a butterfly.
  5. When the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, it is a fully grown insect.


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