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MCQ on Class 5 The Green Plants

Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 10:04 pm

MCQ on Class 5 The Green Plants
MCQ on Class 5 The Green Plants | Science Test Class 5 | Multiple choice Questions on Chapter The Green Plants for Grade 5 Students.

1. Oxygen is released by plants during photosynthesis.


2. Mangroves are a collection of medium-sized trees and shrubs that have tube like aerial roots for breathing. They thrive in salty water. Where does one find mangroves ?


3. What is the tip of the leaf called?


4. Plants and animals are dependent on each other for their survival


5. Plants that have weak stems and need support?


6. The food chain starts from a ______


7. Plants produce food with the help of……………


8. Photosynthesis requires chlorophyll, sunlight, and………


9. Chlorophyll, which is required for photosynthesis, is found in …………..


10. The process of removing a leaf’s green colour is known as………..


11. In plants, exchange of gases takes place through:


12. The plants which trap and kill insects for food is called insectivorous plants.


13. Trees and other plants need energy from the Sun to live. What form of energy does the tree get from the Sun?


14. The main vein that runs through the centre:……………..


15. What is the food prepared by plants called?


16. The leaves are small and are like needles so that………..


17. The function of the stem in cactus plant is to………..


18. To keep the balance, we must protect .



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