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Class 6 English A Tale of two birds

Class 6 English A Tale of two birds


[Q] How did the two baby birds get separated?
[A] During a storm, a big tree where a bird and her two babies lived fell down because of strong winds. The mother bird died when a heavy branch hit the nest. The wind blew the two baby birds in different directions, separating them. One baby bird landed near a cave where robbers lived, while the other landed outside a wise person’s ashram nearby.


[Q] Where did each of them find a home?
[A] After getting separated, one baby bird ended up near a cave with robbers. It settled there, befriended the robbers, and learned their ways.
The other baby bird landed near a rishi’s ashram, a peaceful dwelling of a holy man. It made its home there and was influenced by the serene environment, adopting the kind and welcoming behavior of the rishi.


[Q] What did the first bird say to the stranger?
[A] The bird near the cave, influenced by the robbers, warned a stranger (the king) resting under the tree. It said, “Hurry! There’s someone under the tree. Take his jewels and horse before he escapes.” Startled, the king quickly left to stay safe.


[Q] What did the second bird say to him?
[A] The bird near the ashram, influenced by the rishi’s kind ways, greeted the king warmly. It said, “Welcome, Sir. Please come inside and rest. The rishi will be back soon. There’s cold water in the pot. Make yourself comfortable.” The bird, mirroring the ashram’s nurturing environment, invited the king to rest and offered refreshments, assuring him of the rishi’s imminent return.


[Q] How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the birds behaved?
[A] The rishi explained how the birds’ behavior was influenced by their companions. The bird near the cave imitated the robbers, adopting their language and mindset. In contrast, the bird near the ashram imitated the kind words and behavior of the rishi. The rishi emphasized that one’s behavior reflects the influence of their companions, underscoring the significance of choosing positive influences in life.


[Q] Which one of the following sums up the story best?
(i) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
(ii) One is known by the company one keeps. [answer]
(iii) A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Class 6 English A Tale of two birds short question answers


[Q] Where did the bird and her two babies have their nest?
A) In a tall, shady tree


[Q] What happened to the tall tree where the birds lived?
A) It was blown down by the wind


[Q] What caused the death of the mother bird?
A) A heavy branch hitting the nest


[Q] Where did the other baby bird land after being blown away by the wind?
A) Near a cave where robbers lived


[Q] Where did one of the baby birds land after being blown away by the wind?
A) Inside the rishi’s ashram

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