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Class 7 English Three Questions

7. The king forgave the bearded man. What did he do to show his forgiveness?
The king forgave the bearded man and offered to serve him as his most faithful servant. He also promised to give back the man his property and provide him with further assistance, such as sending his servants and doctor to look after him.


8. What were the hermit’s answers to the three questions? Write each answer separately. Which answer do you like most, and why?
The hermit’s answers to the three questions were:
The most important time is the present moment (‘Now’).
The most necessary person is the one you are with at a particular moment.
The most important business is to do good to others.

Class 7 English Three Questions extra question answers

Where did the hermit live?
Answer: In a secluded wood where he rarely interacted with others.


How did the king approach the hermit’s hut?
Answer: Wearing ordinary clothes and leaving his horse behind.


How did the hermit respond when the king offered to work in his place?
Answer: He took back the spade and insisted that the king rest.


What did the king use to cover the wounded man’s wound?
Answer: His handkerchief


What did the king give to the wounded man when he asked for something to drink?
Answer: Fresh water


Why did the bearded man want to kill the king?
Answer: The king had harmed his brother.



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