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Class 8 English Man relationship with Animals

Class 8 English Man relationship with Animals

Activity 1

Q: How did the horse help the master?
A: The horse helped his master by seizing his master’s belt between his teeth and bringing him home.


Q: What does the incident convey about man animal relationship?
A: The incident conveys the depth of the bond and understanding that can exist between humans and animals.


Q: What happened to the Arab in the story?
A: The Arab was attacked by robbers and seriously wounded, falling off his horse.


Q: How did the horse help his master?
A: The horse seized his master’s belt with his teeth and brought him home.


Q: How did people react to the incident?
A: The people who witnessed the incident were impressed by both the horse and his master.


Activity 2

Q: Which pair is referred to as a splendid combination why
A: The pair referred to as a splendid combination is “Pierre ” and the horse named Joseph. Pierre , the milk wagon driver, and Joseph, the large white horse, are described as working together harmoniously.


Q: Who named The White Horse as Joseph why
A: Pierre , the milk wagon driver, named the white horse as Joseph. When the horse first arrived at the milk company, it did not have a name. so, Pierre decided to name the horse after Saint Joseph, who was also known for being kind and gentle.


Q: How did the manager appreciate Pierre services to the milk company
A: Jacques mentioned that Pierre should be retired and given a small pension, to which the manager agreed. The manager acknowledged that Pierre had been on the route for 30 years without a single complaint and that his salary would continue even if he retired. This suggests that the manager recognized Pierre ‘s dedicated service and his reliability as a milk wagon driver.


Q: What suggestion did Jacques make to Pierre when joseph passed away
A: When Joseph, the white horse, passed away, Jacques made a suggestion to Pierre . Jacques suggested to Pierre that he should teach another horse to deliver the milk bottles at the front doors of the customers, just like Joseph did.


Q: Describe Pierre grief over the death of Joseph
A: When Jacques delivers the news of Joseph’s passing, Pierre ‘s reaction is heart-wrenching. Tears stream down his cheeks, and he begins sobbing uncontrollably. when Jacques looks into Pierre ‘s eyes, he sees a “dead lifeless look” reflecting the depth of Pierre ‘s sorrow.


Q: How did Pierre meet his death
A: As Pierre walks, a large truck approaches him at high speed. The driver of the truck yells a warning, and the sound of brakes screeching is heard. However, Pierre , lost in his grief and possibly due to his blindness, does not react . He unknowingly walks into the path of the coming truck, resulting in death.

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