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Computer Quiz for Kids

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Computer Quiz for Class 1 and 2


Computer Online Test for Class 1 and 2 | Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz Online – Computer General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers  helpful in various exams like SOF,Silverzone ,Crest & Unicus Olympiad


Which of the following devices has shift and caps lock?

  •     Monitor
  •     Keyboard
  •     Mouse

Correct Answer : KEYBOARD


How many shift keys are there on a standard keyboard?

  •     4
  •     3
  •     2

Correct Answer : 2


Which of the following is used to store data?

  •     Motherboard
  •     Hard disk
  •     CPU

Correct Answer :  HARD DISK


What is the full form of DOS?

  •     Direct Operating System
  •     Dual Operating System
  •     Disk Operating System



Windows and Mac OS are two types of what?

  •     Operating system
  •     Programs
  •     Library



 ‘Laser’, ‘Dot Matrix’ and ‘Inkjet’ are types of which output computer device?

  •     Keyboard
  •     Mouse
  •     Printer

Correct Answer : PRINTER


Which of the following is an input device?

  •     Printer
  •     Speaker
  •     Monitor
  •     Joystick

Correct Answer : SPEAKER


What is the common name for a program installed on a smartphone?

  •     Apps
  •     Libraries
  •     Macros

Correct Answer : APPS


Which of the following input devices is most likely to include a scroll wheel?

  •     Mouse
  •     Monitor
  •     Scanner
  •     Keyboard

Correct Answer : MOUSE


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