English Grammar Quiz for Grade 2

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English Grammar Quiz for Grade 2


English Grammar Quiz for Class 2 – 1 – This is a Grade 2 English Test containing some questions on English Grammar . Click on the answer you consider RIGHT to move to next question .Check your answers at the end of the quiz.


Find the helping verb : Shanaya and Kruti _____ not watch the T.V. daily.
Choose the correct word – Always lock the door ____________ you leave.
A group of words is called……………
Select the Pronoun : Shanaya bought a pomerian dog.
Select the Pronoun : Rohan is making too much noise in classroom.
The jug is ________ the refrigerator.
John repaired his car ___________.
Someone who serves food at a restaurant
The Ramayana ____ a holy book of the Hindus.
Something you usually do in your spare time to relax
What’s the best way to start a letter to your friend Anu?
Find the helping verb : Shanaya ____ an intelligent girl.
Find the Adjective : Today is a cloudy day.
Find the opposite/antonym of : Young
Find the opposite/antonym of : Fresh
Select the Pronoun : Ostriches are the birds with very big eyes. You can see ____ at some areas of Africa.
The boy is holding the milk carton ________ his hand.
John had many toys ___________ he was not happy.
Select the Pronoun : Shlok and Owee are watching a movie on the TV.
A person who saves a drowning person
A pencil is used to ___________ on paper.
Select the Pronoun : Shanaya and I are going to the cinema hall.
Tiger runs ………………………….. than many other animals.
The juice is ________ the refrigerator.
Choose the opposite of the word “lazy”.
English Grammar Quiz for Grade 2
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  1. Excellent experience. My child loved to attempt the quiz. Looking forward more mock tests before exam. Thank you.

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