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MCQ on Class 1 EVS Animals Around Us

Last updated on December 17th, 2023 at 10:37 am

EVS Quiz For Class 1 on Animals


EVS Quiz For Class 1 on Animals | Science Test Class 1 | There are 10 questions on animals on this page for grade 1 students to learn about..


EVS Quiz For Class 1 on Animals | Evs Quiz Questions For Class 1 | Evs Online Quiz For Class 1

1. What do we get from hens and ducks…..


2. The animals that live on stables,kennel and shed are called ______________animals


3. Fish are kept in small water tanks called ______________


4. Camels are also called the…………of the desert.


5. The animals we keep in our homes are called……………animals


6. Who uses bullocks to plough their fields ?


7. What is the name of a Dog Home ?


8. What animals can carry heavy loads.?


9. Animals living in the jungle are known as _______animals.


10. We get milk from…………



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