History of Computer for Class 4

History of Computer for Class 4


History of Computer for Class 4 | Class 4 Computer Notes | Worksheet On History of Computer for Class 4 for all the students of CBSE/ICSE/State .

Question and  Answers

What is Abacus and What are its use?

Abacus was the first mechanical calculator invented 5000 years ago by the Chinese. You could use it to count large numbers and do arithmetic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What is a punched card?

Punched cards were pieces of paper that were used to store data for calculating. The holes in them represented the information.

When was Pascaline developed?

A calculating machine invented by Blaise Pascal in 1647 is called the Pascaline or Pascal Adding Machine.

Write notes on the following: 

Mark I – 

It was the first electromechanical (mechanical device that can be operated by electricity) computer. It was invented by Howard H. Akien and built by IBM in 1944. The machine was very big and heavy. 


ENIAC is an acronym for electronic numerical integrator and computer. John Mauchly and J Presper Eckert invented it in 1946. This computer was the first electronic general purpose computer. It was a thousand times faster than a Mark I.


This is an acronym for universal automatic computer. It was the world’s first commercially available computer Designed by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly in 1951.

Napier’s Bones- 

John Napier invented a manually operated calculating device, known as Napier’s bones, in 1617. It consisted of eleven rectangular rods marked with numbers. Multiplication was done with these rods. In the future, an improved version of this device was developed for dividing numbers and finding their square roots.


 Fill in the blanks

…………engine was invented by Babbage. [analytical]

……………were used to count large numbers and to perform arithmetic calculations in early times. [abacus]

In ……. numbers were entered by moving dials clockwise. [ Pascaline,]

Punch cards were pieces of paper used to store ………. [information]

The analytical engine was based on the concept of…………… [IPO]

First personal computer to feature a color monitor was ……… [Apple II]

The first electromechanical computer was the ……. [Mark 1]

The first mechanical calculating device is ………. [abacus]



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