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Class 5 Social Science Maps Question and Answers

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Maps Class 5 Question and Answers


Maps Class 5 Question and Answers by online-shiksha


Answer the following Questions

Why is a map preferred to a globe? 

It is impossible to see all the parts of the earth at the same time on a globe, and moreover, it is very difficult to carry one. Maps give detailed information of each place on earth. They can be drawn to any size.

What are the different types of maps you will find in atlas?

The boundaries of countries and states, as well as the important cities, are shown on political maps.

Physical maps show the natural features of the land, such as mountains, rivers and plains.

What are the key elements of a map?

On a map, there are some elements, such as directions, scale, color, and symbols that give us different bits of information about the map.

What is linear scale?

A linear scale represents a map as a line marked with distance marks.

What are the standard colors are used on map?

To show features on a map, standard colors are used-

  • Water bodies are always displayed in blue.
  • Deep blue shows deep waters while light blue shows shallow waters.
  • Mountains and highlands are depicted in brown and yellow
  • Dark brown indicates high mountains
  • Lower mountains and hills are shown in light brown
  • Yellow indicates plateaus
  • Green represents the plains and lowlands.


Globe A Model of the Earth Class 5 Que and Ans


Important points of Chapter – Maps

Maps showing natural features are called physical maps.

Brown indicates the mountain ranges

Dark brown indicates high mountains

Plans are drawings that show a very small area on a large scale in a highly detailed and accurate manner.

Physical maps depict the natural features of the land.

Symbols are shapes or signs that represent things.

In a map, the scale represents the distance shown on the map

Maps are two-dimensional representations of the Earth.

The globe is a small model of the Earth.

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