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MCQ On Class 1 Evs House And Clothes

MCQ On Class 1 Evs House And Clothes


Q. What do windows in a house allow in?
a. Wild animals
b. Rain
c. Sunlight and fresh air
d. Noise


Q. What is the place where we live with our family?
a. Shelter
b. House
c. Home
d. Residence

Q. In which room do we sleep and take rest?
a. Kitchen
b. Bedroom
c. Dining room
d. Study room

Q. What is the purpose of a study room?
a. Cooking
b. Sleeping
c. Studying
d. Welcoming guests

Q. How do clothes protect us from the weather?
a. By creating fashion statements
b. By keeping us cool in summer
c. By keeping us warm in winter
d. All of the above

Q. What material do we get wool from?
a. Cotton plant
b. Silkworms
c. Sheep’s body
d. Leather

Q. What clothes do we wear in summer to stay cool?
a. Dark color woolen clothes
b. Raincoats
c. Light color cotton clothes
d. Jackets


Q. What material are raincoats and gumboots made of for protection in the rain?
a. Leather
b. Cotton
c. Waterproof material
d. Silk


Q. What is the source of cotton for making clothes?
a. Sheep
b. Cotton plant
c. Silkworms
d. Insects

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