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MCQ on Class 2 The Earth

If you are looking for MCQ on Class 2 The Earth ,then you are at the correct place.


What is the primary reason for life on Earth?
A) Mountains
B) Air and water
C) Deserts
D) Plateaus
Answer: B) Air and water


How long does it take for Earth to orbit the Sun once?
A) 24 hours
B) 30 days
C) 365 days
D) 12 hours
Answer: C) 365 days


Which is a flat stretch of land ideal for agriculture and construction?
A) Mountains
B) Hills
C) Plains
D) Valleys
Answer: C) Plains


What is the highest point of a hill called?
A) Peak
B) Slope
C) Base
D) Summit
Answer: A) Peak


Which natural feature is characterized by a pointed top and cool weather?
A) Plains
B) Hills
C) Mountains
D) Valleys
Answer: B) Hills


What is a low area of land lying between hills or mountains called?
A) Plateau
B) Valley
C) Desert
D) Plain
Answer: B) Valley


Which water body is larger and deeper than a pond?
A) Ocean
B) River
C) Pond
D) Lake
Answer: D) Lake


What is a raised area of land with a flat top known as?
A) Plain
B) Hill
C) Plateau
D) Mountain
Answer: C) Plateau

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